The Ugie District Salmon Fishery Board covers the whole of the River Ugie catchment area, which is situated in the North East corner of Scotland. The river enters the sea to the north of Peterhead, one of the biggest fishing ports in Scotland for landings of white fish and pelagic fish. The River Ugie is a relatively small river in terms of length but still holds good quantities of both salmon and sea trout. In the Ugie District salmon and sea trout are caught by the rod angling fraternity in the river.


The Board, along with the Ugie Angling Association and the river management team, operate a hatchery, commission electro surveys of the juvenile population, are constantly repairing the river banks and improving the accessibility to the spawning beds of the returning adult salmon and trout.

To assist the board and proprietors to be better informed when considering the management of the stocks in the river, we are in the process of fitting a fish counter on a crump weir, which will monitor the movement of adult salmon and sea trout both up and down the river.

Fish Returns

Would all anglers hand in their completed return sheet as soon as possible after the end of the season and no later than the 15th of November, even if you have nil returns.